An Introduction to Intellectual Property with KISCH IP

There are various forms of Intellectual Property (“IP”) protection and the main forms being patent, design, trade mark and copyright protection.  Depending on the nature of your product and/or service one or more of these forms of IP may apply.

Can you trust FaceApp with your Face?

Over 150 million people worldwide recently downloaded the very popular FaceApp after Hollywood celebrities started posting images of their edited faces in a social media challenge using the hashtag, 

Director Andrew Papadopoulos interviewed on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield

Listen to Andrew Papadopoulos being interviewed on Radio 702 and Cape Talk about the Ubuntu Baba matter against Woolworths - important considerations for all entrepreneurs and start ups.

Jadon Wolmarans interviewed on eNCA for World Anti-Counterfeit Day 2019

Watch our Jadon Wolmarans being interviewed on eNCA News discussing counterfeit goods and its implication on all sectors across Africa.


The complex issue of privacy when on the internet

The Oxford Dictionary defines doxing as “Searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.” The term, which was apparently coined by hackers, is derived from the abbreviation of the word “documents”, i.e

Ask me one more time why I didn't have a Patent...

We are very thankful to Shannon McLaughlin, Ubuntu Baba Founder, for her blog post following her recent matter with Woolworths as it was

Calling or Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Are you a creative? In the fashion industry or any design sector? An entrepreneur? Watch this!

In what circumstances may a foreign licensor be taxed on its income in South Africa?

In general, non-resident licensors are only subject to tax in South Africa on income that is attributable to a permanent establishment in South Africa of that licensor; or to the extent that tax is required to be withheld by the licensee.

Royalties and other payments, currency conversion and taxes

Is there any legislation that governs the nature, amount or manner or frequency of payments of royalties or other fees or costs (including interest on late payments) in an international licensing relationship?

Software licensing

Does South African law recognise the validity of ‘perpetual’ software licences? If not, or if it is not advisable for other reasons, are there other means of addressing concerns relating to ‘perpetual’ licences?

What constitutes copyright and how can it be protected?

 The owner of copyright in a work is by statute given the exclusive right to perform certain specified acts in respect of his or her work or to authorise others to do so and hence to prevent unauthorised persons from performing those acts.

Trade Secrets